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Dr. Kathy A. Howell, LPC, Reverend

A Christian Counseling & Regeneration Evolution Service

Who Needs Counseling?

Anyone, young or old, who feels trapped in life's grip and cannot break free...

Some of the blocks to a happy life are depression, anxiety, phobias, guilt, trauma, compulsions, abuse or addictions. People's lives can be overwhelming! Our goal is to assist the individual in obtaining optimum health. Through psychotherapy, hypnosis, and nutrition- we facilitate healing by addressing the challenges which impact our bodies and minds.


Life is full of disharmony, loss, and disappointments (such as divorce, death, and failures. Counseling aids the individual in clearing painful emotions, distorted thinking patterns, and ineffective behaviors. Thus, one can live life with joy, peace, and fulfillment.

By personalizing a clinical nutrition program via Nutrition Response Testing, we can determine the underlying causes of emotional and/or physical symptoms. Applied kinesiology is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body (specifically, the autonomic nervous system) to pinpoint the stressor(s) that can block the body/ mind from healing it-self. And most importantly, what organic whole food concentrates, homeopathic, & herbal supplements it needs to obtain and

maintain optimum wholeness!


We look forward to providing services to you and your family,


Dr. Kathy Howell, LPC


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“Dr. Kathy simply the BEST. I have seen different therapist over the years but no one has helped me like she has...She understands what my recovery requires and has designed specific exercises and approaches that help me heal now and that will also help me live better in the future”. My husband has been referred for therapy and I immediately recommended ACCARES & Associates with confidence that he’ll be in great hands.

— Monique Hale


ACCARES Wellness Center

Your Health Starts Here




786 River Bend Road Dawsonville, GA 30534

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